Warehouse Management

We supply a feature rich warehouse management/inventory control system using industrial mobile scanners that will help you to take control of your warehouse like never before.

Why choose a Getsoft Warehouse Management system? Quite simply, we use industry leading software that can be implemented in warehouses of any size easily and efficiently.

Easy And Secure Access To Information

  • Instant access to up to date warehouse data
  • Custom workstations for staff
  • Accurate printable reports and status queries
  • System security integrated with Active Directory

Record Transactions When And Where They Happen With A Mobile Scanner

  • Works online and offline.Transactions are cached on the scanner until wireless contact can be made with the server
  • Scanning items and bin locations track inventory movement throughout the warehouse
  • Caters for a both serialised and non-serialised items

Ensure All Inventory Movement Is Recorded

  • Receiving
  • Shipping
  • Transfers
  • Stock Counts including cycle counts, partial counts, double counts, bin re-counts and aging analysis.
  • Picking
  • Packing
  • Single scan portals (e.g. Manufacturing to Receiving at end of production line)
  • Bill of materials (Composite Item Building)
  • Label printing
  • Depreciation of serialised items