Web Based Bulk SMS

Send Bulk SMS directly from your browser using the Q-SMS app.

Q-SMS allows you to simply and efficiently send and monitor thousands of messages from the convenience of your web browser. With Q-SMS there is no need to install any complicated software, just visit the Q-SMS page and start sending.

Our customised web application ensures that whether you are using a PC, tablet or mobile you can set up a custom group of contacts, monitor your spending and send messages easily. Send messages from your office, hotel or even on the road – with Q-SMS it couldn’t be easier and from 14c per SMS it couldn’t be cheaper.


Discover The Benefits Of Q-SMS:

Keep Your Existing Contacts

Q-SMS allows you to easily keep your existing contact database. Filter the data to locate individuals or groups and continue to build on the relationship with your customers. Our secure servers protect your data which we will never share with anyone else.

Group Your Contacts For Increased Efficiency And Targeting

Groups are great for orginising your contacts. Send SMS to an individual, a group or multiple groups. From 1 SMS to 100,000. Groups can contain sub-groups to any depth that suits your need, and contacts can belong to multiple groups.

Easily Import Existing Contact Groups

Import your contacts from any tabular file such as CSV. Simply select the file and identify to Q-SMS what each column of data contains. Then hit import. There is no need to upload your file to the server which increases security and efficiency. Q-SMS only stores the data needed.

Schedule Messages For The Most Impact At The Best Time

Schedule messages for when you any time of day with our enhanced calendar functionality. Send an appointment reminder even when you are away from the office. Simply set up the delivery time and leave it to Q-SMS.

Delivery Reports For Enhanced Accuracy

With Q-SMS you know if your message has been delivered. If you are expecting an action in response to your message or need to know the delivery rate of a marketing campaign, Q-SMS can provide you accurate data so you can ensure the quality of your database.

Engage And Interact With Two Way Messaging

Q-SMS allows you to read replies to your messages. Research has shown that a high percentage of recipients will respond to messages; even when they include a DO NOT REPLY request. Let us route the replies to a specific email address so that you can monitor any replies and follow up with subsequent SMS’. Being able to read responses and respond in-turn increases customer satisfaction.

Sub-Accounts For Improved Spending Control

If you have multiple departments (or even want to on-sell) Q-SMS allows you to set up a main account and a number of sub-accounts. Sub-accounts can draw credits from the main account while maintaining their own contact databases.


Is Q-SMS Right For Your Business?

Doctors, Dentists, Opticians And Medical Professionals

Use Q-SMS to send appointment reminders. Not only does this improve service levels, it also increases the likelihood of the appointment being kept. What about over-due accounts? Perhaps a kind reminder is all that is needed to prompt your patient to settle the account.What about follow up appointment reminders? Set up a reminder message for a six monthly appointment and then let Q-SMS take care of it.

Salons, Spas & Hairdressers

Set up reminders, schedule appointments and send out special offers to new and existing customers. Reward loyal customers and win-back customers that you haven’t seen in a while. With Q-SMS it’s easy, fast and efficient. Best of all it’s affordable even for very small businesses.

Sales Representatives

As a sales rep, time is money. Limit the amount of missed meetings that clients forget to keep by setting up scheduled SMS reminders. With our 2 way messaging service you can simply set up the appointment, schedule and message and wait for the response direct to your email inbox.Improved efficiency, better customer relations and more sales through one simple SMS.

Motor Agencies and Service Partners

Keep your client up to date with the progress on his vehicle, let him know about unexpected delays and then let him know when it is ready to pick up – all with an SMS. Simply schedule and send.