Business SMS

Business SMS raises the level of customer service to a whole new level. Use SMS to receive notifications and alerts throughout all areas of your business. 



Keep customers informed with status updates via SMS. Keeping customers informed not only improves customer satisfaction it also lightens the load on your call centre.

How Notifications Can Help Your Business:

Couriers Services and Logistics

Keep your customer up to date with their delivery status. From the moment the order arrives to the moment it is delivered you can keep your customers updated. Less lost deliveries, happier customers and increased time saving.


When a prescription is due to be collected or medicine needs to reach a customer, a targeted SMS can help reach customers quickly and efficiently.

Debt Collection

Sending an SMS to remind or demand payment is very effective. It is right there immediately in the private space of the one owing the money and a few messages should do the job, avoiding the cost of letters of demand.

Schools, Colleges & Educational Institutions

Universities can remind students of assignments that are due, confirm qualification for exams or notify students of study materials that need to be collected. SMS remains one of the most effective way to reach students at every level of schooling.


For notifications that are more critical, we can provide custom alert solutions that are fast and effective.

SMS Alert Applications:

Temperature Monitoring

Monitor the temperature of refrigeration units and prevent costly breakdowns. SMS Alerts can be implemented to alert technicians at any critical temperature points.

Fluid Levels

With the appropriate sensor and a remote device we can can monitor your equipment and ensure maximum up-time. When limits are exceeded or fluid levels drop below a trigger point, a technician, or even a team of maintenance personnel can receive an SMS Alert to remedy the situation. 

Vehicle Location Monitoring

If you are managing a fleet of vehicles an SMS Alert can be triggered any time any of your vehicles goes anywhere it shouldn’t.


Use SMS Alerts to notify you of any open doors or areas that have not been secured properly. If security is breached in a sensitive area you can be notified via SMS and appropriate action can then be taken.

What technology is needed?

We can effectively use a number of different methods to set up an SMS Notification or SMS Alert system. Learn more about the most effective method for your business.

Windows Agent

This method of integration makes use of a windows agent installed as a service on one of your company computers. This is a high performance agent that makes use of a SQL server database. As soon as a message is inserted into the database, the agent will forward the message to our cloud. There is no integration or development required for you to make use of this agent, other than to insert the message into the database. Message delivery status is automatically returned to the agent, and once the message is delivered, the delivery confirmation is inserted into the database. This is a full 2-way messaging agent. Should there be a response to the message sent (because the recipient replies to the message), the response is inserted into the database by the agent. You are then able to use the database in reports to meet your business information needs. SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) is ideal for meeting your BI requirements very quickly.


TaskCentre is a workflow management system (or Business Process Management (BPM) system depending on your preferred terminology), developed by Orbis-Software. We have developed additional SMS tools that can installed as part of the TaskCentre suite of tools. TaskCentre, together with these tools, make it very easy to add SMS messaging to your business or workflow processes – it is as easy as dragging the appropriate tool onto a work surface and linking it into the work flow. The tools provide for both sending and receiving SMS messages. You can receive replies to messages sent, or you can have a dedicated shortcode that will insert mobile originating messages directly into your work flow. For example, we may supply you with a short code – say 31702, then whenever someone sends the SMS text BALANCE to 31702, your business process flow in TaskCentre could look up the business partner or customer based on the cell phone number, read the current balance due, and send the balance by SMS. There would be no need to do any software development at all, just drag and drop within TaskCentre, it really is that simple.

API (Application Programming Interface)

We provide multiple API’s including SMPP, the SMS standard protocol, and HTTP.

Contact Getsoft to find out more about the best solution for your business. Our vast experience across a range of industries ensures that we can provide the best solution to meet your needs.